American Airlines’ Premium Cabin Seats Ranked

Anyone that flies regularly knows that there is a huge difference in airline seats and that sometimes it is worthwhile to spend a few extra dollars with the right airlines to be comfortable throughout a flight.  They also know they have been taken advantage of a few times and got some of the worst seats available, even though they paid extra for a premium seat.

An airline’s seat will vary depending on the aircraft and where it is located on the plane, and frequent flyers know which ones are the best and which ones are the worst.  We’re huge fans of American Airlines and have sifted through reviews and our own experience to leave our reviews on AA’s premium cabin seats. 

American Airlines first class seat- A321T

New American Flagship First Class

The first-class cabin on the Boeing 777-300ER only has eight seats, so you would think that a person would have a lot of privacy.  Unfortunately, this is not the case, but passengers do have the option of turning their seat to face the window. While this option is the most spacious, we rank it second due to the lack of privacy. However the seat is big and comfy and hey, it’s first class, so we rank it in first place. 

Flagship First seat on American Airlines’ 777-300.

B/E Aerospace Super Diamond

These comfortable seats can be found on Boeing 787-9 and 777-200, just not every one, so it can be a gamble when choosing – be sure to check Seatguru for help understanding what configuration your flight will have.  What they offer in comfort and privacy is slightly negated by the fixed IFE monitor that makes it extremely difficult to watch a movie while fully reclined and can make some feel slightly claustrophobic.

The business class cabin on select 777-200 and Boeing 787.

Reverse Herringbone international business class

The reverse herringbone might be the best seat that American Airlines offers, and passengers can find it within business class on the 777-300 and first class on some configurations of the Airbus 321 (the A321T transcontinental version – which flies between JFK and LAX/SFO).  The seats are comfortable whether a person is using them for sitting or have them opened completely flat for sleeping. There’s some personal storage available and a decent amount of privacy for anyone who is traveling alone.  

American’s reverse herringbone business class seat – in our opinion, the best that AA offers.

767-300 New Business Class

All passengers sitting in this section will have access to the aisle and their seats will fully recline, but when they do the seats are quite close to the floor.  The storage space and two outlets are nice features, but the missing entertainment system is an issue. Passengers do receive a tablet for overseas flights, but not for domestic flights.  


A330 Envoy Seat (former US Airways planes)

Although this seat feels dated, it has a decent IFE system and a fairly comfortable seat. There is plenty of storage and a decent amount of personal space. Privacy isn’t too bad either. These planes also offer a cappuccino machine, which is only otherwise offered in the first-class cabin of the A321T or the 777-300 (though the cappuccino machine is being added to the entire wide body fleet, so it’ll soon be more visible).


Zodiac Business Class

These seats can be found on 777-200 and 787-8 aircrafts and they are set up in a 1-2-1 configuration with the inner two seats facing the opposite way of the other two.  This gives passengers quite a bit of privacy, but the seats are very narrow.


Premium Economy

Premium economy is one of the newer seats within American Airlines and it is on the 787-9 and being added to several configuration of the 777 (be sure to check seat maps for the specific flight to see if your plan will have a Premium Economy cabin) and the A330-200 fleet.  The seats are very wide and offer great foot support. The televisions pivot for optimal viewing and there is an outlet and USB port for everyone’s charging needs.  Need a comparison? It’s much like flying internationally in a domestic first-class seat. While it’s still not a lie-flat option, it sure beats coach!

*This seat will not be added to the A330-300 fleet as those planes are being retired in 2019.

The new Premium Economy seats feature a comfortable footrest, larger seats, and a big in-flight entertainment monitor. This image was borrowed from Dallasnews.com.

New Domestic First Class

While still quote comfortable and spacious, there are reports that these new first-class seats aren’t as comfortable as they could be.  There is a bit less legroom and recline that other domestic first class seats. A few of the seats have IFE entertainment screens, but most do not.  Thankfully these are only on domestic routes, so everyone can manage for a few hours.

American’s domestic first class seat is spacious, with ample leg room, and several planes provide expended in-flight entertainment.

There are plenty of exceptional seating options available when flying with American Airlines, which is great news for passengers.  Everyone will want to make sure that they know their options when flying and try to book their seats on an aircraft that has a configuration that works best for them.

A lie-flat first class seat on American Airlines will surely guarantee any passenger to arrive feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Pro tip: While several planes do not offer in-flight entertainment, most offer streaming video options on-demand, for free, with Gogo internet access. Make sure your tablet or phone is fully charged before your flight and download the Gogo or American Airlines app ahead of time to access the content.

An added perk on American Airlines’ 787 and 777 is a stocked walk-up bar on international flights and flights to Hawaii from Dallas Fort Worth (DFW).

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