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Journey Connected began in 2016 when a passionate entrepreneur saw an opportunity to improve travel services for eager vacationers. He wanted to create a service unlike other travel agencies—using an economical pay-per-day approach resulting in unique travel experiences and amenities in the most sought-after destinations. At Journey Connected, expert travel artists are trained to provide travelers with a personal level of luxury travel services that include one-on-one support, amazing experiences, local area favorites, hidden travel gems, and trending travel tips.

The Journey Connected passion is to create custom itineraries based on the perfect tourism resources that turn into exceptional trips, vacations and adventures! We hope you sign up at Journey Connected to make your future travel experiences better than you ever imagined.

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what our travel artists do best is get to know you and your personal travel needs and desires. we listen to your ideas and then access our vast travel network to find the best flights, hotels, dining, attractions and more to align with your aspirations. the magic begins when we compile a custom vacation package just for you!

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we aim to share the best travel tips and trends from passionate travelers experiencing the most sought after travel sights across the globe. See honest reviews, feedback, and tips from those making amazing discoveries.

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at Journey Connected, we offer vacation planning services that turn into dream destinations and lasting memories that you want to share. as a Journey Connected vacationer, you also have access to our famous travel blog to discover travel tips and trends that span the globe. plan to travel with ease every time when you book with us.

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