a partnership with Journey Connected is taking people places

when travel services and travel enthusiasts
come together, magic happens

Whether you’re a travel service or a travel enthusiast, we don’t care! We want you to work with us. At Journey Connected, we use social media influences to improve consumer travel destinations, and even seek out rewards, free services, and deals for our followers.

At the same time, we also bring travel partners in on the experience so they enjoy the benefits of social sharing, which turns to brand promotion, new leads, and monetary rewards.

You see, Instagram posts and tagging goes a long way toward rich rewards for the parties involved. When you work with Journey Connected, it’s a luxury experience for all.

for travel services

1. Sign up as a sponsor with Journey Connected
2. Share your rewards, freebies, and deals
3. Experience social sharing to promote your services
4. Gain new leads when the sharing begins
5. Turn your generosity into profit

for travel enthusiasts

1. Sign up as a traveler with Journey Connected
2. Enjoy rewards, freebies, and deals
3. Share your experiences with others
4. Post Instagrams all day long
5. Soak in the sun

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