Here’s How it Feels to Fly on a Double-decker Airplane Seat

Here’s How it Feels to Fly on a Double-decker Airplane Seat

Here’s How it Feels to Fly on a Double-decker Airplane Seat

Traveling economy for longer durations is usually tolerated instead of being relished, but one college student believes his design could transform the way we travel.

Airplane Seat

Alejandro Núñez Vicente, the then 21-year-old college student, put forth the airplane seat design idea as part of a college assignment. His double decker Airplane seat design was selected in the 2021 Crystal Cabin Awards — the highest award in the aviation industry, followed by design becoming the center of online attention.

Since then, the innovative airplane seat design by the young entrepreneur has taken the aviation industry by storm. Currently, Núñez Vicente has put his education on hold to focus on his innovative design. The young entrepreneur is holding meetings with notable airlines and seat manufacturers. Also, he’s been granted massive investments to develop the project further.

double-decker plane seat
One example of a double-decker plane seat. This image was borrowed from

While some are in awe of Núñez Vicente’s innovative airplane seat design, others draw back, showing concern about claustrophobia.

“I grow more from listening to the critics and listening to the bad comments than from listening to the good comments and the flowers that they throw me,” says the young entrepreneur while speaking to CNN Travel while displaying his masterpiece at an Expo in Hamburg, Germany.

The innovative airplane seat aims to facilitate the everyday traveler. Hence he is eager to know what the travelers have to say about it, good or bad.

“My purpose here is to change the economy class seats for the better of humanity, or for all the people that cannot afford to pay for more expensive tickets,” Núñez Vicente says.

Trying out the Concept

The prototype is designed by Nunez Vicente with two ladder-like steps leading to the upper portion. It’s a bit dangerous, but the seat feels spacious and comfy once you are there. The prototype seats are immovable, but they are positioned in a way to signal how they could recline. His design has removed the overhead compartment. Instead, there is an area between the upper and lower portion for stowing luggage.

dense, double-decker plane configuration
Another example of a dense, double-decker plane configuration taken from

Way Forward

The Chaise Longue seat is a novel idea for the world of Aviation. The design could become a reality, but the rigorous rules and requirements can hinder the process.

Núñez Vicente is working with industry experts and seat manufacturers to develop a more convenient and lighter structure.

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