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If you are a wine lover, you are going to want to check out The Real Grape.  They are our favorite company to work with when we need to create a fabulous and luxurious wine tour holiday!  While you may be fine with just a fabulous wine tour, we say that you should always accept the luxury part of it whenever you can!-

The Real Grape provides tailor-made itineraries as well as wine tours throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.  They love sharing their love of delicious and quality wine with others and they do this by planning vineyard tours, wine cellar tours, wine and champagne tastings, and meetings with those who produce the wine and champagne.

One of the tours that The Real Grape has created is a trip to the Marne Department of Champagne, which also includes the areas of Reims and Epernay.  A good amount of the champagne that is produced in the region comes from this area and they bottle this delicious liquid for powerhouses that include Moet, Pol Roger, and Veuve Clicquot.

While in the Marne Department of Champagne guests stay in Reims, where they can see a 13th century cathedral and learn a lot about its rich history.  While in Epernay, everyone can visit the Avenue de Champagne, which happens to be one of the most famous streets in the entire region.  Some of the largest Champagne houses can be found along this street and people will be able to pop into some of them for a few tastings.

Some people are always interested in visiting the outskirts of Marne, and The Real Grape enjoys taking them to L’Aube.  Inside the main city of Troyes, everyone can wander through the spectacular museums and preserved renaissance churches.  Many famous people lived in this region including a young Napoleon, Camille Claudel, and Renoir, plus General De Gaulle’s grave can be found there.

Visiting the major champagne producers is only a part of what everyone should see while in the Marne Department of Champagne though.  The major producers only include approximately two hundred and sixty of the more than two thousand champagne producers in the region.  Therefore, The Real Grape always include stops at many of the family-run producers that are much smaller.

Those smaller producers are an excellent way for everyone to learn more about the process in a more personal way instead of with a quick monotonized verbal statement.  The Real Grape prefers to visit producers who focus on sustainability and organic practices, because they provide a completely immersive experience that is full of passion. That experience does not end at the end of the day either.  The Real Grape partners with numerous types of accommodations including bed and breakfasts and chateaus.

We have loved the tours that we have been on with The Real Grape and encourage everyone to experience one for themselves.  In fact, everyone will receive a discount on any of The Real Grape’s tours just by mentioning the quote “JourneyConnected”- they’re offering a generous 10% discount to Journey Connected travellers.  They’re also giving even deeper discounts or any ‘early bird’ who books and pays a tour more than two months in advance. Anyone that cannot commit to a tour right now, and those that can, are welcome to join in on the fun to win a bottle of Biodynamic Champagne.  Simply sign up for The Real Grape Newsletter by June 1st to be automatically entered.

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