Free Train Fares in Spain from September

Free Train Fares in Spain from September

Free Train Fares in Spain from September
Back in 2019, the COVID outbreak sabotaged everyone’s travel plans. From affecting tourism to drastically increasing living costs, at present, the recent inflation has impacted people in several ways. Fortunately, the Spanish Government came up with the perfect solution to tackle this financial burden.

From September 1 until December 31, 2022, locals and tourists can take advantage of a 100% discount on train rides. According to an announcement by the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, on July 12, the mid-distance regional lines, Catalonia commuter routes, and commuter trains will operate free of cost. If you’re arranging a trip to Spain, scheduling it for the last portion of the year is better.

Renfe’s Efforts in Combating Inflation

Renfe is the name of the esteemed company offering their trains for this venture. Last month, a 30% discount policy on metros trams and buses was declared by this company. Tourists can use these trains to journey completely free to Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville through their new additional measure.

With big budget saves on the daily commute, this venture will prove to be beneficial for the locals too. Besides these big cities, you’ll also be able to travel between small towns without the travel expense. It’s important to note that according to Timeout, the free rides policy only applies to multi-trip tickets or routes less than 300 km (medium distance).

Modern hi-speed passenger train of Spanish railways company-Renfe, on Madrid railways station Puerta de Atocha.

How this Policy is proving to be Beneficial to People

This initiative is mainly primarily directed at Spanish season ticket holders. However, tourists can take advantage of it and save money on inter-country commute costs by purchasing a multi-ride ticket.

Barcelona city and Port in evening. Catalonia, Spain

Tourists can use all the money saved via this new policy on exploration or food instead. Hence, making your trip affordable and budget-friendly. The Spanish Ministry of Transport reported that the primary purpose of this initiative is to motivate people to utilize public transportation. It ensures an economical, secure, and reliable source of commute despite the grave rise in fuel costs. By effectively diminishing the adverse effects of the surge in energy prices, this step by the Spanish Government is doing wonders for the civilians.

The skyline of Madrid, Spain, during sunset

Final Takeaway

In these crucial times, the little efforts of the Government toward providing financial relief to their people go a long way. Spain fulfills this duty by making inter-country travel free and accessible to the masses. Along with Spain, other European countries like Germany and Austria also offer reductions in public transport.

Plaza Mayor de Valladolid with the Town Hall in Spain

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