Is the American Express Platinum Card Worth It?

When you are paying a yearly fee for a credit card, what included amenities can make said credit card worthy of your investment?

When comparing one card to another, it is extremely important to do your homework to make sure you are coming out on top.

In this case, we did the homework for you. And, yes, the American Express is worth your investment.

Yes, indeed-y.

With the AMEX Platinum card, you have a free annual membership to Priority Pass lounges worldwide. This is an excellent complement to other annual memberships you may have and can be an invaluable asset to charm business partners, have a minute to yourself in a packed airport, or simply travel overall in a more calm and relaxed manner, a way in which you may not have ever experienced before.

What may be even more striking, though, is that with the American Express Platinum credit card, you are also granted access to the American Express Centurion Lounges. These “airport retreats” can be found in the airports in Dallas, Hong Kong, Houston, Las Vegas, LGA in New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Seattle, and San Francisco. Centurion Lounges mean you don’t have to compromise comfort in the name of travel. Have a drink curated specifically for you. Enjoy a bite of local, seasonal fare, depending on your airport location. Enjoy a quiet massage. A hot shower. High-speed internet, modern workspaces, and an outlet by every seat.

Of course, when you’re ready for take-off, there are perks that come when you fly, too. Check your bags and avoid the weighty travel of lugging on a carry-on. Enjoy a free in-flight meal on the house. With this card, you are also eligible to select one qualifying airline and receive up to $200 in statement credit per calendar year.

When you book travel through American Express Travel, you’ll garner 5X Membership Rewards. Watch your rewards add up and up and up!

Enjoy up to $200 in annual Uber savings too.    You will receive $15 in Uber credits for U.S. rides each month, plus, since December is a busy month of going here and there, a bonus of $20 thrown in, just because.

Chances are, with a Platinum card, you travel often and are banking your miles. When you travel, you will always need some place to stay. Lucky for you, this credit card gets you an average total value of $550 with Fine Hotels & Resorts, which means you get a two-night stay with daily breakfast, a room upgrade when available, guaranteed 4PM late check-out, noon check-in when available, and complimentary Wi-Fi wherever you go.

The option for a metal Platinum card makes paying all the more fun. You’re surely be painted as a heavy hitter when you foot the bill with a metal card, since this card comes at a price. For the first card annually, the price tag is $550 and $175 for up to three additional cards. But when you have a Centurion Lounge where everything is included, Uber credits, hotel credits, and food and drink “on the house,” savings add up. In this case, it makes sense to pay one fee upfront and garner a whole year’s worth of benefits.



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