Las Vegas is Reopening! Here are All the Changes and Deals You Need to Know About

The streets in Las Vegas have been eerily quiet in recent weeks and hundreds of thousands of travelers around the world were missing the glitz, glam, lights, and vibrant atmosphere of the area. While it was a trying few weeks, Nevada Governor, Steve Sisolak, has decided that casinos can begin opening on June 4th and a few hotels have already been accepting guests.

To celebrate this news, the CEO of the D Las Vegas and Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, Derek Stevens, started the Keep America Flying program and gave away two thousand free flights to Las Vegas. Those tickets were gone in a matter of hours, so the entire city is hopeful that this city will rebound quickly.

While those free flights were amazing, many guests will love the cheaper room rates at many of the local hotel and casino properties. The rates can be as low as $30 per night, while most rooms won’t be over $100 per night. Parking will also be free at most of the hotels and resorts, which will allow guests to save another $18 per day.

To make those cheaper rates even better, Marriott’s Bonvoy Reward Program is helping even more. All members can purchase points for free hotel stays, or gift their points for rooms, with a sixty percent bonus attached.

There have been many different reports available that have stated how much the casinos have lost during each day of this pandemic. The large casinos were down approximately $700,000 in revenue from gaming, while all eighteen of the MGM Resorts’ casinos lost $14.4 million each day.

The businesses and locals are hoping that the cheaper hotel rooms, and other deals, will be enough to bring guests back to the city. However, guests will not see the Vegas they remember from the past, because many other post-pandemic changes have been put in place.

The blackjack and craps tables will have significantly less people at them, and all the items used during the games will be sanitized routinely. Plexiglass barriers will be in place where social distancing isn’t possible, and staff may be seen wearing face shields in addition to their mandatory masks.

All guests will be required to wear masks in some hotels and casinos, while the wearing of them will be strongly encouraged at others. Everyone entering hotels and casinos will have their temperatures checked and anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed to enter.

Hand washing stations will be the new normal in the middle of the casino floors and menus and many restaurants will be replaced with digital options that guests will read on their smartphones.

The biggest change in Las Vegas though is the fact that many of the popular shows will remain closed until at least July 1st.

These are the main changes everyone will see when they are visiting Las Vegas in the near future, but there are many others. Some changes will be evident at only some hotels, while other changes are mandatory across the board. If anyone has any questions about what they should expect during their visit, they should call the hotel they are considering staying at for more information.



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