Amazing Tech-Savvy Hotels You Must Stay at Sooner than Later

Amazing Tech-Savvy Hotels You Must Stay at Sooner than Later

Are you the type of person who loves all things tech or do you cringe at the thought of a computer knowing a whole lot more than you do?  While technology is not going to simply vanish in thin air, you can start to embrace it and enjoy the features that many hotels are including with every stay.  Imagine taking a vacation where you never need to worry about losing the key to your hotel room, carrying your luggage to your room, or trying to sleep on a bed that feels like a rock.  This is all possible when you begin to relax around all the tech-savvy features many hotels are including with their services.

Amazing Tech-Savvy Hotels You Must Stay at Sooner than Later

Eccleston Square Hotel in London, England

This hotel might be inside a historical building, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the technology you may be starting to love.  A tablet will connect you to the concierge with one touch of a button and other touchscreens are available for playing music and controlling the lighting.  A television magically appears on the mirror in the bathroom as well, so you never need to stop watching a show to take a shower.

The Minotti Lounge at the Eccleston Square Hotel in London, England.

CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotels in Singapore

The hotel rooms might be smaller at the CUBE in Singapore, but that doesn’t mean they are not packed with a plethora of technological amenities.  You will still have your high-speed internet, USB charging ports, and lights that can be dimmed from the touch of a button.

Colorful facade with window shutters at the Singapore Visitor Centre at CUBE – Boutique Capsule Hotel on Bussorah Street in Kampong Glam.


TheWit Chicago in Chicago, Illinois

TheWit can be found within the Theater District and as soon as you enter your room, you can pop your smartphone in the dock to charge quickly for your night out on the town.  The best tech feature at this hotel is the rooftop lounge, which features a glass top retractable roof that opens when the weather is gorgeous and closes when it is not.

Night view of the illuminated Wit rooftop restaurant in downtown Chicago

Yotel New York in New York City, New York

Yotel can be found in the middle of Manhattan and they use technology there to save travelers like yourself time and money.  Check-in is as easy as visiting the self-service kiosk and the concierge is available at any time through an app.  YOBOT, the robot luggage carrier, will handle all your luggage, so you can wrap yourself up in a heated towel after a shower much sooner after your arrival.

Hotel Puerta America in Madrid, Spain

Four world-class architects created this hotel together, so it has plenty of style to go with all the technological features.  Every guest room can be customized with moveable walls and the floating furniture creates a unique way to spend some time away from home.

Morosani Fiftyone in Davos, Switzerland

Check-in and check-out are easy with the self-service kiosk at this hotel, but it does take away the personal touch from hotel staff.  However, the other tech features will quickly make you forget the lack of staff in the lobby.

The Torch Doha in Doha, Qatar

When you stay at the Torch Doha in Qatar, you will discover that you can control every little thing in your guest room from your comfortable bed.  Simply grab the iPad in your room to open the curtains, turn off the lights, turn on the television, make dining reservations, and even contact guest services.  You can even choose from twelve different mood lighting colors according to how you feel.

Torch Hotel Doha Qatar

Seven Hotel in Paris, France

Most of the rooms at this hotel in Paris are classic sci-fi style, but there are seven suites that all offer unique themes.  The Secret Agent Suite was inspired by the James Bond movie, while the Sublime Suite uses curves and white colors to create a room that looks like it came from the future.

Specialty Room in boutique Hotel Seven in Paris

Blow UP Hall 5050 in Poznan, Poland

Artwork is everywhere within this hotel, but it is not simply hanging on every square inch of the walls.  Instead, it has been digitized to create an interactive masterpiece every guest will love.  None of the rooms have keys or room numbers, which may seem confusing at first.  However, if you decide to stay at this hotel, you will receive an iPhone to help you find your room and open your door.  The iPhone also serves as a virtual concierge, so you can easily obtain lots of information about the area and the events that are taking place during your visit.

These are some of the most amazing tech-savvy hotels in the entire world and you must stay at each of them at least once in your lifetime.  Of course, I think that technology will continue to improve greatly in the future, so these hotels will continue to grow and flourish with even more tech-savvy features.  Hopefully, other hotels will jump on the bandwagon, so that we do not need to worry about missing out on technology that can make our vacations much more enjoyable.

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