Top 4 Must-See Attractions in Dublin

Top 4 Must-See Attractions in Dublin

Top 4 Must-See Attractions in Dublin

Outside the cobblestone streets of Dublin are rolling green valleys and low mountaintops that continue for miles.  Inside those same city streets are thick rolling Irish brogues, pale and dark ales, and history that officially dates to 988.  Whether people live within the city limits or just outside them, they all find a reason to venture into the city for some fun with friends and a drink or two at a local pub.

Here are the top 4 must-see attractions in Dublin:

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Construction began on St. Patrick’s Cathedral in 1220 at the site where St. Patrick was supposed to have baptized converts almost six hundred years prior, and it was finally completed in 1259.  The cathedral is now considered one of the most loved churches in the entire world and half a million visitors stop there every year to see the vaulted ceilings and other intricate details.  Everyone also stops to pay their respects at the tomb of Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver’s Travels.

Interior of St. Patrick’s cathedral.

The Book of Kells at Trinity College

Queen Elizabeth I founded Trinity College in 1592, and it is now the oldest and most respectable college in the country.  Travelers love exploring the grounds while seeing the architecture of the buildings.  However, the best attraction in Dublin on the campus is the Old Library with its collection of six million books, including The Book of Kells.  This old illustrated manuscript was created sometime around 800 A.D. by the Celtic monks and while it describes the gospels, no one needs to be religious to fully appreciate the history of this book.

The Long Room in the Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland. Trinity College Library is the largest library in Ireland and home to The Book of Kells.

The Guinness Storehouse

Unfortunately, the Guinness Storehouse is no longer a working brewery, but that doesn’t mean that visitors will not appreciate what they see inside.  The self-guided tour begins on the first floor and continues all the way to the seventh floor, as guests learn about the history of the beer, the ingredients used in the brewing process, and the advertisements that have been used over the years.  Once everyone has reached the seventh floor, they will be met with their free pint of ale.  They can then sit and relax while drinking and talking about all that they just learned.

Guinness storehouse brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Showcasing different stages of making the Guinness beer.

Ha’Penny Bridge

No one can leave Dublin without doing many things, and one of them is strolling across the Ha’Penny Bridge.  This was the first pedestrian bridge to be constructed over the Liffey River back in 1816, and the name came from the amount of money that people had to pay to cross over it at the time.  The name was officially changed to the Liffey Bridge in 1922, but that hasn’t changed what many people still call this historical bridge.

Dublin, Ireland. Night view of famous illuminated Ha Penny Bridge in Dublin, Ireland at sunset.

Dublin is a unique place that everyone will love to visit, because they can explore the city one day and the countryside the next.  People will find that they can relax while they are in Dublin, as no one is in a rush there.  And since that is what vacations are about, everyone will find themselves loving the laidback feeling as they venture from one attraction to another.

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