Travel Planning For A New Era

Travel Planning For A New Era

Today’s concept of travel planning is nothing like it was 10 or 20 years ago. A common “travel agency” of the 90s was defined as, “a business that accommodates travelers by securing tickets, making reservations, and offering information.” Most of these agencies worked under a model in which the agencies were committed to working with specific companies across the globe to plan vacations in exchange for predetermined commissions–-with little regard for offering personalized suggestions that met the needs of their clients.

Journey Connected plans the best travel itineraries, luxury hotels, first class flights.

Modern-day travel agencies have transitioned from generic trip planning to travel planners, travel artists, and travel brokers—offering more personalized service along showing clients some of the best hidden travel gems to be found. In fact, these trending travel companies are literally disrupting the former travel agency market and rethinking the way people travel! These custom agencies are asking travelers questions like:

  • What is your ultimate travel experience?
  • Where would you go for your dream-of-a-lifetime vacation?
  • What would your perfect, customized travel itinerary look like?
  • Are you getting the right online resources to meet your travel needs?
  • What are some specific experiences you desire for your upcoming trip?
Journey Connected plans custom travel around the world – customized vacation itinerary.

Companies like Journey Connected— a trending travel services company—are known for working directly with each client on a personalized, one-on-one basis. At Journey Connected, clients are actually paired with knowledgeable Travel Artists that have become experts in not only travel details but also the areas of the world where clients want to travel. After a discussion to explore traveler ideas and insights, these expert Travel Artists are prepared to nail down every aspect of a traveler’s needs and wants in the most perfect and personalized itinerary.

With access to advanced online technology resources, travelers are counting on Journey Connected to build a fully customized travel itinerary using proprietary, interactive online tools. Unlike the travel agencies of old, with Journey Connected travelers generally pay a simple per-day fee for these services. Everyone in the party can travel with ease along with the assurance of an expert standing by before, during and after the trip. Every situation is covered, and the support system is ongoing.

Experienced Travel Artists understand traveling in a new era. As times change, a more futuristic travel planner has more technical access, better resources, first-hand knowledge, and the travel tools to keep next-generation travelers happy. User experience is a priority for upcoming travelers, and modern-day agencies have what it takes to keep up.

Journey Connected provides customized travel plans for all budgets.

As a new or seasoned traveler, it may be time to seek out the best of the best in travel planning resources. You need a service that offers amazing vacation deals on flights, lodging, dining and city attractions in every part of the globe. Count on the latest trends, knowledge and technology to fulfill your future travel needs. Reach out to Journey Connected and find out if a more revolutionary agency can fulfill your travel dreams in this new age of travel.

At Journey Connected, we are focused on the ultimate travel services: top hotels, excellent restaurants, amazing attractions, and the best prices and travel deals in the world. Contact a Journey Connected travel artist today to travel plan a custom travel itinerary for your next trip.

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