Missing Out on a Trip to Washington DC? Check Out These Virtual Tours Immediately!

Washington DC is a massive city and it is incredibly difficult to see all the attractions and landmarks during just one visit. If you have always wanted to see as many sights as you can, you may want to take a virtual tour of some of the best places in this area.

Check Out These Virtual Tours in Washington DC Immediately

1. Mount Vernon

George Washington’s home is not too far outside Washington DC, although it can take forever to get there thanks to the plethora of traffic on the roads. A virtual tour will have you seeing a lot of the first President’s home, as well as the grounds.

2. US Botanic Gardens

It can take hours to wander around the US Botanic Gardens, but you can see the botanic garden, conservatory, and even parts of Bartholdi Park in no time at all with a virtual tour. You can choose between an audio or video tour, although, I prefer the second. After all, isn’t the whole point of wandering through a garden being able to see it?!

3. Capitol Hill

You can’t do a true virtual tour of Capitol Hill, but you can easily learn more about each building during this unique virtual tour option. You can explore each building on the hill, even the ones you would not normally be allowed to enter.

4. Tidal Basin

A virtual tour of the Tidal Basin will have you seeing the Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial in addition to the walking paths and the basin itself. You can also see the Reflecting Pool during this little tour.

5. Library of Congress

Anyone who loves to read will want to visit the Library of Congress in person, but since that is currently not possible, you must make do with a virtual tour. This is an amazing three hundred sixty-degree tour that will show you all the must-see details of this gorgeous building.

6. National Air and Space Museum

There are a couple different virtual tours through this museum, but a favorite is going to be the Out of This World Exhibit. Go back in time and see what you remember about space and those who explored it with this virtual tour.

These are some of the best virtual tours of areas throughout Washington DC, but you will find many more. I recommend starting with these and then checking to see if your favorite spot in DC has a virtual tour you could watch to see if anything changed.



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