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social strategies that expose brands and cultivate businesses

At Journey Connected, we make it possible for clients to capitalize on the country’s best social media marketing strategies to promote every experience, from dining to hospitality suites. As your go-to social media travel outlet, there is no limit to the possibilities that await your audiences. We count on leading social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and travel blogging to get the word out about enterprise products, goods, and services! We turn consumer impression into capital.

actionable Instagram

With Instagram marketing on the rise as one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, there is no question as to why this tool is instrumental in designing proprietary media opportunities for high-end brands. Consumers are using social sharing to create awareness about luxury travel experiences and must-have brands among broad crowds. With the popularity for apps like Instagram, marketers find social media a cost–effective alternative to traditional advertising. Get together with Journey Connected and create memorable brand awareness across the miles.

effective campaigns

An effective marketing campaign today consists of more than a couple of pay per clicks and a display ad. Reaching audiences at the highest level involves device-based social media marketing that new generations of consumers rely on. Statistics show that over 50% of all travelers actually changed their travel plans after an influence by social media. It’s a fact that social media is making rapid progress for long-term impressions.
A Journey Connected marketing strategy offers no less than targeted goals, meticulous planning, and superior high-end digital media.

viral travel blogging

Fellow travelers are tapping into worldwide bloggers’ experiences to design their global travel itineraries. When you look to a world travel blogger to report their experiences about your goods and services, guess what happens? Our social media campaign starts working for you, as patrons are thrilled to post, love, and share everything they do and see. Viral travel blogging is one of the best ways to make impressions and connect with the world. Let Journey Connected help you do it.