What We Do

user reviews, honest ratings, and shared itineraries to enhance your journeys

At Journey Connected, we are focused on four main goals for our clients: we offer customized vacation planning and advice, a social network to share your travel experiences, discounts and deals for those who wish to book on their own, and personal connections for the ultimate travel tips. You access travel trends, modern accessories, and superior brands to make your next adventure a world-class experience. You take advantage of user reviews, honest ratings, and shared itineraries to help in your travel decisions. At Journey Connected, you have a chance to create connections that take you to new places with ease. We are here to drive elevated travel experiences through a personalized experience for those with a passion to see the world.


Engage with Journey Connected for travel advice, customized vacation planning, group travel, or a personal guided travel experience. We arrange travel for groups of 1-100 people and find the best rates for hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages in a personalized approach. Get full support while you’re on your journey. For a customized itinerary prepared by the experts at Journey Connected, get in touch today.


Post your journeys and tell the world about what you love the most. Share your most memorable adventures so others may partake. Be a part of a greater social community for getting the word out and taking in the most valuable local and national travel tips.


Enjoy the most sought-after experiences based on the journeys of passionate travelers. Book your own travel to places where the sky is the limit. Take charge of your own destinations, seek out ultimate experiences, and find the best deals for the destination of your dreams.


Connect with seasoned adventurers, make new friends, and establish lifelong connections for expert travel advice and tips. You’ll love the Journey Connected “find a buddy” resource. Use our app (coming soon) to search for the travel information you need, reach out personally to well-versed travelers, and make the connections that will turn your trip into a memory.