The Luxurious ALEGRIA Mykonos

The Luxurious ALEGRIA Mykonos

The Luxurious ALEGRIA Mykonos

The luxurious ALEGRIA Mykonos can be found on the breathtaking Greek island of Mykonos.  The island is quite rocky, but that doesn’t prevent anyone from visiting this special place.  The weather on Mykonos is beautiful year-round, though it is warmer during the summer months.  It is common to see the sun shining on most days, even during the rainy season, which goes from October until March.

Luxury Alegria Hotel Mykonos

There is so much to do on Mykonos, but everyone will want to make sure that a visit to see Petros the Pelican is on their list.  Petros has been Mykonos’ mascot since 1954.  While the original Petros died many years ago, numerous successors have been elected to ensure that there is always a mascot on the island near the waterfront.

Of course, visitors will also love seeing the Mykonos windmills, which were built during the 16th century.  They have all been restored in recent years and many locals live inside them.  Little Venice is comprised of rows of fishing houses and some of them have been converted into restaurants, shops, and galleries.

Mykonos Island is one of the most beautiful in Greece.

While in Mykonos, visitors will want to stay at the luxurious ALEGRIA Mykonos.  This resort has six suites including four executive suites, one junior suite, and one honeymoon suite.  There are also seven master bedrooms, so everyone will always have the perfect space that they require while they are there.  Every room has a magnificent view of the sea, so each guest will be able to watch the waves roll in whenever they wish.

Guests have access to the twenty-four-hour concierge services, so that every minute of their stay is exactly as they want it to be.  Innovative chefs prepare delectable cuisine for the attentive waiters to serve during mealtimes.  However, the favorite feature amongst many visitors is the professional butler that takes care of all their needs.

Everyone staying at ALEGRIA Mykonos will be able to immerse themselves into the infinity swimming pool and the fabulous Jacuzzi that is next to it.  After a relaxing swim in a pool that seems to continue forever, guests can enjoy a drink prepared by the poolside bartender or they can venture to the on-site spa room with its sauna, steam bath, and infrared.  Those who want to stick with their exercise regime while on the island can spend some time in the fully equipped gym.

Everyone staying at ALEGRIA Mykonos will be able to immerse themselves into the infinity swimming pool and the fabulous Jacuzzi that is next to it.

Anyone can hold an event at ALEGRIA Mykonos, and they have two spacious venues that are perfect for weddings, retreats, fashion shows, photo shoots, concerts, and more.  One venue is by the pool and that area can accommodate more than two hundred people.  However, approximately seven hundred people can be within the garden event venue, but both venue areas look out towards the sea.  The best part about these venues is that the extraordinary staff at ALEGRIA Mykonos will take care of all the planning for the host, as they ensure that all the host’s dreams come true.

A stay on the island of Mykonos can turn into an amazing experience when visitors choose to stay at ALEGRIA Mykonos.  After all, who could resist excellent customer service, spectacular views, delicious food, and a professional butler….

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