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who is Journey Connected?

our passion at Journey Connected is to guide travelers for the perfect tourism resources and experiences through custom travel planning and perfect itineraries.


what is the focus of travel artist services?

our travel artists aim enhance traveler journeys with unique travel itineraries that turn into exceptional adventures! our brilliant travel artists book reservations and make deposits for the best hotels, flights, travel packages, rental cars, restaurants, cruises, tourist attractions, and more.


how do I get started on Journey Connected?

click the login | signup button on our home page and enter your name, email address, and phone number. accept our terms and conditions and privacy policy, and then click the sign up button. you can also choose to receive exciting updates and news from Journey Connected.


what travel booking options do I have?

you can rely wholly on the Journey Connected travel artist network to plan your travel from start to finish, or you have the option to decide your level of service, in case you prefer to manage your own trip bookings, trip modifications, etc.


how does the pay-per-day billing work?

with pay-per-day billing, we bill for our services based on how long you are traveling. check the Journey Connected home page to sign up for.

  • plan 1 – 1 - 7 days at $50/day
  • plan 2 – 8 - 14 days at $40/day
  • custom plan – 14+ days or a multi-family itenerary based on your specific wants

what is the cancellation policy?

the Journey Connected cancellation policy depends on traveler circumstances and when the cancellation is requested. pay per-day fees are non-refundable. if a trip is shortened, no refund can be issued. if a trip is extended, additional days will be charged.

cancellation policies for individual travel bookings such as hotels, restaurants, activities, etc., depend on each vendor’s specific policies. this will be reviewed with a traveler prior to our confirming any bookings on the traveler’s behalf. all customers (travelers) are wholly responsible for adhering to these agreed- to policies, and Journey Connected will not be held liable or responsible for any payments or fees imposed.


what payments will I owe for my travel and when are they due?

all travel itineraries and trip planning resources are based upon a Journey Connected user account and pre-payment. you must pay your plan fee before we begin designing your itinerary. below are the potential payments a traveler should expect to pay:

pay-per-day service fee: this is the fee you pay your Journey Connected travel artist for planning your custom trip based on the length of your trip.

booking costs: this is the amount you pay for your various travel bookings including hotels, dining, air travel, activities, etc., based on your selections. Journey Connected will facilitate bookings and payment as needed based on specific vendors’ prepayment guidelines and cancellation policies. note: as we develop custom itineraries, there may some adjustments to the payment structure.

Q: can I feature my business to accommodate Journey Connected customers?

A: yes! at Journey Connected, we have a way to enhance your brand. if you own a travel related business and want exposure, contact us! we can get to know you and possibly recommend your business to clients for dining, lodging, travel attractions, and more. not only that, we might be able to promote your geographic location, offer support for your blogs, and share your Instagram story or other social media post. the only fee for this cross-exposure is the cost for our team to visit you and assess your service(s). for more information, visit the collaborate page.

Q: what is the Journey Connected promise?

A: at Journey Connected, we stand behind a promise to our travelers. we aim to provide the best travel services to meet each individual traveler’s needs. you can expect these expert services as part of our Journey Connected promise:

- get to know our travelers’ unique travel requirements.
- find the perfect and best tourism resources including flights, hotels, dining, and activities.
- produce custom travel packages that turn into exceptional adventures.
- fulfill travel dreams and memories across the miles.

Q: what are methods of communication with my travel artist?

A: our travel artists are readily available via phone, email, messenger or text to assist travel clients as needed.

Q: what resources does a Journey Connected travel artist have access to?

A: a travel artist has access to multiple travel tools and global travel resources that most consumers don’t know about. by working with a Journey Connected travel artist, you may receive:

- a network of travel knowledge through databases, experiences, etc.
- better seats on your flight
- added hotel room amenities
- hotel room upgrades
- special event tickets
- better pricing
- first-hand information about specific lodging and dining amenities for special needs
- exclusive travel deals in remote locations
- promotions for new travel options including cruise ships, resorts, restaurants and flights
- current geographic health and safety updates that may impact travelers
- information about some of the world’s best-kept travel secrets and hidden destinations

Q: Is It more economical to pay a travel artist or plan my own travel?

A: the value in paying a travel artist is often worth more than the hassle of doing personal trip planning. you receive immediate attention to travel details, personal assistance when something goes wrong, excellent inside information, and guidance for every facet of your travel. booking your own travel may cost you more in the end.

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