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a company passionate about bringing people together for exceptional journeys

where people engage, share, experience, and connect for amazing journeys

Journey Connected began when a passionate entrepreneur saw a serious gap for passionate world travelers and vacationers. He wanted to create a community unlike any common travel sites—a community that would feel like home while people are seeing the world. He wanted to create a community where groups of people or solo travelers could come together on a more personal level to connect for travel advice, amazing experiences, local favorites, a secret international paradise, or a cost-saving travel tip.

The journey began in 2016 when Journey Connected enthusiasts began to craft the perfect website, gather your unique stories, and talk to real people on the road. Journey Connected developed a vast following on social media with a passion to connect people to other people to find the perfect travel resources! We hope you join the Journey Connected community and make your next travel experience better than you’ve ever imagined.

We Create Connections

What we do best is bring travelers and their stories and experiences together for the greater good.

We Work For Your Rewards

We aim for cost-conscious itineraries without compromise, and we take on the challenges.

We Enhance Your Journey

We hope to re-create the journeys of thousands, finding the best-kept secrets in the finest places on earth.