4 benefits of cruising around Hawaii with Norwegian’s Pride of America

4 benefits of cruising around Hawaii with Norwegian’s Pride of America

Hawaii is on the top of everyone’s list of dream destinations and one of the best ways for you to see these islands is by taking a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines. You will board Norwegian’s Pride of America in Honolulu and then see four of the Hawaiian Islands over the next seven days.

Cruising around Hawaii

Built in the US and operated by Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL), MS Pride of America is a cruise ship that sails around the Hawaiian Islands.
Built in the US and operated by Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL), MS Pride of America is a cruise ship that sails around the Hawaiian Islands.

Here are 4 benefits of cruising around Hawaii with Norwegian’s Pride of America:

  1. 100 Hours in Port – Most cruise lines spend limited hours in port, but the Pride of America will keep you in port for as long as possible, including two overnights. This gives you more time to explore the islands instead of worrying about rushing back in time for your departure.
  2. On Board Entertainment – When you are on the ship, you are guaranteed to have authentic Hawaiian entertainment. Activities will include hula and lei making classes and there will be Aloha Polynesian shows.
  3. Freestyle Dining – You never need to choose a time for dinner when cruising with Norwegian, instead you can simply dine when you are hungry. You can choose to eat early one evening and later the next night. The choice is yours, which is a perfect match to the laidback style of the Hawaiian Islands.
  4. Sail Year-Round – This ship will sail year-round in Hawaii, so you will never need to wait for it to be the season for cruising. You can simply book the time of the year that works best for your schedule.

While you are cruising Hawaii with Norwegian’s Pride of America, there are many things that you must-do on each island.


  1. Old Lahaina Luau – This is a traditional luau that every first-time Maui visitor must experience. You will dine on kalua pua’a, mahi-mahi, and poi while watching performers hula and firedance. The entire experience lasts approximately three hours, but the memories will last a lifetime.
  2. Drive the Road to Hana – This scenic road is the most popular attraction on the entire island, and it is impossible to stop everywhere unless you are spending a night or two along the way. A few of the best stops include the Garden of Eden, Honomanu Bay Lookout, Keanae Peninsula and Village, Upper Waikani, Waianapanapa State Wayside Park, Wailua Falls, and Oheo Gulch at Kipahulu.
  3. Summit of Haleakala Volcano – Once you reach the top of Haleakala Volcano, you will become overwhelmed with everything you are seeing and experiencing. The views are stunning, and you will find yourself perplexed as to whether you should stay there longer or wander along the hiking trails to explore a little more.
The Old Lahaina Luau is one of Maui's best Luaus.
The Old Lahaina Luau is one of Maui’s best Luaus.

Big Island

  1. Volcanoes National Park – This park is where volcanoes Kīlauea and Mauna Loa can be found, and these active volcanoes are being preserved and observed here. Kīlauea is continuing to erupt at the summit and on the sides, but it has stopped near the ocean at the moment.
  2. Akaka Falls – If you do not wish to visit the volcanoes when you are on your cruise, you may be interested in Akaka Falls instead. You will need to hike through a beautiful rainforest filled with wild orchids, bamboo groves, and ferns to reach the Akaka Falls that rush 442 feet into the gorge below. You won’t be able to do both the volcanoes and the falls during your Norwegian cruise, but if you are in Maui on your own, you will want to take the time to do both.
  3. Kona – A day of relaxation can be found in Kona, where you can sit on the beach, shop in the boutiques, and venture out in the water for some snorkeling in Kailua Bay.
Aerial Drone Shot view of Akaka Falls in Hawaii Big Island Natinal Park.
Aerial Drone Shot view of Akaka Falls in Hawaii Big Island Natinal Park.


  1. Waimea Canyon – It is possible to drive to the canyon from port, but you might want to consider seeing this attraction from a more unique perspective. A helicopter tour will allow you to see the island and the canyon from above. That view will allow you to see more of the ten-mile length and 3,600-foot depth of the canyon as well as the beautiful colors and waterfalls.
  2. Hanalei Bay – The three beach parks that are in Hanalei Bay are surrounded by massive mountains, so you may find yourself sitting in the sand and staring out in the distance at them. The favorite beach is Hanalei Beach Park Pavilion, which is in the heart of Hanalei Bay and right under mountains lined with spectacular waterfalls.
  3. Poipu Beach – If you have time before heading back to the Pride of America, you will want to stop at Poipu Beach to enjoy the crystal-clear water and white sand. While the beach is beautiful, you may enjoy shopping in the small town even more.
  4. Cruise Past the Na’Pali Coast – You will want to be out on the deck of the ship when you cruise past this world wonder of cliffs that drop straight down for thousands of feet into the ocean.
Stunning aerial view into Waimea Canyon, Kauai, Hawaii.
Stunning aerial view into Waimea Canyon, Kauai, Hawaii.


  1. Waikiki Beach – There are eight sections to this famous beach and each one has its own qualities. Some of them are better for surfing, while some are less crowded than others.
  2. Diamond Head – The views from the top of the Diamond Head monument are spectacular, so you will want to take the time to fit this into your schedule. The trail can be steep, especially at the end, and it can take up to two hours round trip to complete, so plan your day carefully.
  3. Snorkel at Hanauma Bay – This bay is within a volcanic cone, so you will be snorkeling with marine life in a very unique setting.
  4. Visit the North Shore Beaches – There are plenty of beaches on the north shore for you to visit for swimming and snorkeling. The more popular ones include Haleiwa Beach, Waimea Beach, Ke Waena Beach, and Sunset Beach.
  5. Dole Pineapple Plantation – If you have ever wondered where the pineapple that you eat comes from, then you are going to want to visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation and take one of their tours. The Pineapple Express Train Tour and Plantation Garden Tour will allow you to see the entire plantation and you can even taste some of the yummy pineapple before you leave.
  6. Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona – This is an attraction that you might want to consider visiting when you arrive in Honolulu in the morning before you board your cruise ship. You’ll be awake early anyway, so you will be one of the first ones in line and will beat the crowds. Your experience will begin at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center before continuing to the USS Arizona Memorial site. The boat tour lasts approximately 75 minutes and you will be taken out to where the battleship will forever remain.
cruising around Hawaii - Honolulu, Hawaii. Waikiki beach and Honolulu's skyline.
Honolulu, Hawaii. Waikiki beach and Honolulu’s skyline.

If you have wanted to visit Hawaii, but weren’t sure how, then Norwegian’s Pride of America is your answer.  You can cruise when you want and have the time to see as much of the islands as you can instead of rushing around and seeing very little.  It is the perfect solution for your Hawaiian vacation!

Are you excited to cruising around Hawaii? Let me know your thoughts.



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