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at Journey Connected, we are proactive when it comes to current travel company trends and services. if you own a travel related business and want exposure, contact us! we work together with you for the greater good to fulfill travelers’ needs and at the same time promote brand awareness on our travel website and social platforms.

we want to get to know you and recommend your travel services to clients for dining, hotels, flights, tourist attractions, and more. we promote geographic locations and offer social media brand exposure. while we don’t charge a fee for this cross-exposure, we ask that all expenses be paid for our visit to assess your travel service(s). just look at the potential:

we get to know you

we get to know travel partners and what they offer to the travel industry, especially in terms of family vacations and activities. like you, we are in the business of fulfilling travelers’ needs.

social media marketing to enhance your brand
actionable instagram

actionable social media marketing

we use various social media marketing platforms as an opportunity for limitless exceptional trip planning. our channels include Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to get the word out and reach passionate travelers.

viral travel blogging

our travel blog featuring travel tips and trends is the perfect way to share travel experiences. we love to share the stories and fond memories of passionate travelers that are busy touring the globe.

social media marketing to enhance your brand

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