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we search every available corner of the web to find amazing discounted business class flights and discount first class flights and flight hacks on first class and business class travel. we book discount flights using frequent flyer miles, partner discounts, discount hub-city flights, and hidden-city flights. while we can book in advance, the best availability is available with short-term notice. if your travel plans are flexible, or you enjoy last minute travel, we’re here for you!

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we only work with discounts in first and business class on international itineraries. we offer flights in all cabins, but only discount first and business class tickets. our best discounts are with SkyTeam discount flights and Star Alliance discounts. primary airlines include Air France Flying Blue first class discounts and Air Canada Aeroplan business class discounts. in addition to booking heavily discounted flights, we are the best travel agency near me – so use Journey Connected for all of your travel agency bookings!

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our trained and experienced Travel Artists are standing by to meet whatever travel requests, challenges or unexpected obstacles that may come up before, during or after your trip. you are assigned a perfect Travel Artist for your itinerary who will work with you not only on flight bookings but full-service travel itineraries including flights, hotel bookings, restaurant bookings, and more. these luxury travel services are included complimentary with every international first or business class flight booking. If you’ve experienced a EU flight delay or flight cancellation (even if you didn’t book with us), learn how to claim compensation under EU261.

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our team of Travel Artists searches for the best flights and discounts to match your itinerary; this includes mileage award availability, airfare discounts, hub city deals, and hidden city fares. once we search every travel scenario, we reach out to let you know what flight discounts we have found. depending on the route, date, client flexibility, flight discounts vary, but we always work hard to ensure the best flight deals possible. we book the best airlines including Emirates, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, aaAmerican Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air France, United, British Airways, and more!

we present you with options relevant to your travel request. once you decide on the best travel plan, we collect payment and ticket your reservation. you will be on your way to one of many amazing destinations around the world-–traveling in the comfort of first or business class on a discounted fare. it’s that simple! most of our tickets also offer flexibility, which is another perk of booking discounted flight deals with Journey Connected.

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