Save Money with the Istanbul Tourist Pass When Visting Attractions

Save Money with the Istanbul Tourist Pass When Visting Attractions

The Istanbul Tourist Pass is one option on the tourism market that has been rapidly growing in popularity with visitors thanks to huge savings and a wide variety of attractions and experiences offered. After a few slow years, the tourism industry in Istanbul is up and running again at full pace!

Tour operators pull out all the stops to offer visitors the best tours, packages, experiences and value for money possible. No matter your holiday style or budget, you will be able to find the tour you’re looking for and see the beautiful city of Istanbul your way! But we think this pass is worth looking at

What Sets the Istanbul Tourist Pass Apart?


It is an online Pass. That means there’s no physical ticket, just a digital QR code to access through a user-friendly App or via the official website. This QR code is you ‘digital Pass’ that gives you access to guided tours and entrance to other attractions.  All you need is your phone!

Customize your holiday itinerary

With Istanbul Tourist Pass, your holiday itinerary is fully customizable, which means you pick and choose which attractions you visit depending on your preferences, interests on a city tour. The days of buying expensive full-day tours when you only wanted to see one or two places are long gone!

Save time

Skip the ticket line for all major attractions in the old city Sultanahmet district with guided tours to Hagia Sophia, palaces like Topkapi and Dolmabahce, the Basilica Cistern and more! In summer especially, the ticket lines are super long to these major attractions, so these skip-the-ticket-line tours will allow you to spend your precious holiday time seeing more of the city.

Save money

Instantly have access to more than 35 attractions, experiences and services. All you need to do is choose the number of days you want to use your Pass.  The more you use your pass, the more you’ll save! There’s a helpful list on their website at the bottom of the page here: It sets out how much money you’ll save compared to paying at the door. Have a look to easily see what great value for money you get with this product.

Get help and advice from locals

Another bonus is the personalised service they offer their customers. You get a mobile number that you can message via WhatsApp to get in touch with their friendly, local team who can help with any issues or questions about the Pass or Istanbul more generally. It’s a thoughtful and helpful service, especially for first-time visitors.

How Much is the Tourist Pass?

The Pass offers the same 35+ attractions, experiences and services for each Pass. The only thing you need to decide is how many days you want to be able to use it and for how many people.

Options are:

  • 2-day Pass: €95 per adult, €45 per child (aged 5-12)
  • 3-days Pass: €115 per adult, €55 per child (aged 5-12)
  • 5-day Pass: €135 per adult, €65 per child (aged 5-12)
  • 7-day Pass: €145 per person, €75 per child (aged 5-12)


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