13 of the World's Most Expensive Hotels

13 of the World

Here are the 13 of the World’s Most Expensive Hotels

Whether planning a thrilling adventure or putting away your money for a lavish trip, there are a few places to fulfill your craving for a luxury-driven excursion. We have gathered the list of 13 of the world’s most expensive hotels to help you splurge on your vacation.

One&Only Gorilla’s Nest, Rwanda

One&Only Gorilla’s Nest is set amid the breathtaking hilly area of Rwanda. The lush resort allows guests to go on a trek and observe the nearby mountain gorillas in the forest.

The average-tier suite is priced at $6000/night, excluding the gorilla trekking activity.

Individual free-standing lodges and suites sit suspended over sprawling gardens at eye level with the tall eucalyptus trees and volcanic surroundings.
Individual free-standing lodges and suites sit suspended over sprawling gardens at eye level with the tall eucalyptus trees and volcanic surroundings.

Kokomo Private Island Resort, Fiji

Located on the Great Astrolabe Reef, Kokomo Private Island is no less than a Paradise on Earth. The Island costs around $65,000/night and can fit in 40 guests, approximately.

Soneva Jani, Maldives

What can be a better getaway than having a vacation at picturesque Soneva Jani in the Maldives? However, such luxury comes with a high price tag. As of January 2022, the average-tier suite is priced at $6130/per night.

Over-water and Island Reserves
Over-water and Island Reserves

St. Regis Residence Club, Aspen, Colorado

St. Regis Residence Club combines luxury hotel amenities with renting a mountain lodge. A two or three-bedroom villa costs around $3233/night as of January 2022.

Ho’olei at Grand Wailea, Hawaii

Ho’olei Villas takes pride in being in the upper echelon of most luxurious hotels. A three-bedroom villa costs around $2371/per night in January 2022.

Kudadoo Maldives Private Island, Maldives

Kudadoo Maldives Private Island offers a full package of spa treatment, dining, scuba diving, and other water sports. The average-tier villa is priced at $5400/night.

Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

Al Maha luxury hotel offers an exquisite three-bedroom villa with a scenic view of camels and gazelles. As of January 2022, the average suite is priced at $5200/night.

Sand gazelle (Al gazal al rheem in Arabic) in the Dubai Desert Conservation Area, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Seychelles

The luxurious resort gives off tropical vibes with a scenic view of the ocean. Guests can go on hiking trails and has access to outdoor movie theatres. In January 2022, a night cost around $3135.

Luxury bungalows in the mountains of an luxury resort at the private island of Six Senses Zil Pasyon Seychelles

One Nature Nyaruswiga Serengeti, Tanzania

One Nature Nyaruswiga Serengeti allows guests to observe wildlife while getting a relaxing spa treatment. As of January 2022, the starting price for one night at the hotel is $3290.

Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, Thailand

Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort offers excellent culinary services and wellness programs. Spa treatments and yoga classes are the specialties of this modern hotel. The mid-tier suite costs around 1,487/night in January 2022.

Amangiri, Utah

Amangiri is a visually striking hotel located amid the desert of Utah. The notable services include hiking, relaxing foot spa, and swimming in the pool. A night at the mid-tier suite costs around $4100/night.

Amangiri Resort nestled in Grand Staircase Escalante National Park

Jumby Bay Island – Antigua – Oetker Collection

Jumby Bay Island includes 28 suites and 14 villas with fine dining, in-room spa treatment, and a tennis court. An average-tier suite costs around $6900/night.

Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat- Four Seasons Hotel, France

This luxurious and expansive hotel has entertained guests like Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Taylor. Spacious guestrooms, beach clubs, and swimming pools are the notable features of this resort. In March 2022, the mid-tier suite costs around $3663/night.

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