9 Must-See Presidential Landmarks

9 Must-See Presidential Landmarks

There have been many presidents throughout the years, and while many of them have their own landmarks, monuments, and libraries, not all of them are considered worthy of a visit.  Some people may choose to skip certain ones due to their feelings of that president, while others may decide to visit every single one out of obligation.  I am of the mindset where you definitely need to see specific presidential landmarks, because they are the best ones around.

9 Must-See Presidential Landmarks

The White House

The White House has been where every president has worked since John Adams took office, so it has quite the history.  While you can easily peer through the gates surrounding this property, from a safe distance, you can also try to obtain tickets for a tour of the inside.

The White House in Washington DC

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt did his best to protect lots of land during his time in office, so it shouldn’t be surprising that this national park was named after him.  When you are exploring this massive park, you will be thrilled to know that you are walking through areas where this Roosevelt spent his time hunting.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

This is the largest of all the presidential libraries and it also focuses on the time Reagan was governor in California.  Inside, you will find lots of history from his entire life in office, but your favorites will be the retired Air Force One jet, the replica of the Oval Office, and a large piece of the Berlin Wall.  With fifty thousand presidential documents, you could be there a while reading them all, so you won’t want to forget to check out the section that is dedicated to this president’s wife, Nancy.

Mount Vernon

George Washington grew up at Mount Vernon and he lived there until his death in 1799.  This historical home can be found on the banks of the Potomac River, just outside of Washington DC.  This is still a working farm, so you can see how it might have been when Washington lived there so many years ago.

George Washington house in Mount Vernon

Richard Nixon Library

Everyone has their opinion of Richard Nixon, but no one can deny the wealth of history that is on display at this library.  This is the same land as where Nixon was born, and he is buried here as well.  Inside this library, you can see a replica of the White House Sitting Room and the presidential helicopter.

Lincoln Home National Historic Site

One of the best ways to get to know Abraham Lincoln, who was the 16th president, is to visit the home he owned in Springfield, Illinois.  People have been able to tour this home since 1887 and during a visit you can see many of the items that were there when Lincoln and his wife lived there for seventeen years.

Abraham Lincoln House in Autumn in Springfield, Illinois


Springwood was the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt and this home is pretty much the same as it was when he died in 1945.  Roosevelt was born at this house in 1882, spent much of his time there throughout his life, and is now buried there with his wife.

Jefferson Memorial

This memorial is massive, which is understandable since Jefferson was an incredible president.  When you visit, you will quickly notice the serenity of the area, which is mostly the Tidal Basin and a spectacular grove of cherry blossom trees.

Federal Hall National Memorial

Politics in America began up in New York City, which is why the Federal Hall National Memorial is on this list.  The first capital of the US was located where this memorial is now, so you will find yourself standing in a historical destination right away.  The small balcony slab is where Washington had his inauguration and the Bill of Rights was passed at this site a couple years later.

Federal Hall was the site of George Washington’s inauguration as the first President of USA.

These are the nine presidential landmarks everyone must visit at least once, but you may have a few others on your list as well.  Which other presidential landmarks would you like to take the time to see?  Which ones would you skip over if given the chance?

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