7 Reasons Why Flying is So Expensive

7 Reasons Why Flying is So Expensive

Most people think that gas prices are the reason why flying is so expensive, but there are many other reasons why your plane ticket is so high. Once you take all the different considerations into account, you may finally see why flights are so expensive.

7 Reasons Why Flying is So Expensive

1. Costs for the Crew

Every flight requires two pilots and between two and four flight attendants.

2. Airport Costs

Every airport charges for the flights that come in and that charge is per pound of the plane, making the cost around $1,000 every time. This cost includes the usage of the gate, porters, and even the transfer of baggage.

3. Taxes

Every country has their own list of taxes that must be charged for every flight that you take. There are four or five different taxes within the US when you fly domestically and there are an additional four taxes if you choose to fly internationally.

4. Cost of the Airplane

The cost of the airplanes needs to be covered by everyone that flies, so a portion of each ticket goes towards future airplanes.

5. Maintenance Fees

Maintenance must be performed on airplanes in between flights, plus inspections must be performed regularly.

6. Business Expenses

Every airline has business expenses and when you purchase your ticket, you are covering parts of those expenses. This covers administrators, executives, software engineers, marketing people, and many other items. This is a critical issue that is why flying is so expensive

7. Insurance Costs for Planes

The cost of the insurance for each plane is included in ticket prices.

It does seem like it is expensive to fly, but when you consider the cost of a flight and compare it to the gas required to drive a car, as well as the routine maintenance for that vehicle, it is actually cheaper to fly.

As airplanes continue to improve, it is possible that flight costs will continue to drop. If you look at the price to fly from New York to Los Angeles back in the 70s, and make adjustments for inflation, it was a lot more expensive for that flight back then than it is now.

If we can find more competition for flights, the prices will drop. However, if more airlines go out of business, or make less trips to certain destinations, the prices will soar since the demand will be higher. Only time will tell if it will get more expensive to fly or if we can count on it to be cheaper than driving to a destination.

Let me know if you knew the reasons why flying is so expensive or if you were completely surprised with this list.



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