Take a Virtual Tour of These Historical Sites Around the US

You might not be able to travel from state to state right now, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing some of the magnificent historical sites around the US from your home. A few simple keystrokes on your computer will have you seeing parts of buildings and landmarks you may have only dreamed about until now.

Virtual Tours of Historical Sites Around the US

1. The White House

The White House is a massive building that is full of history. While you cannot see everything inside the home of the President, you can see enough to keep your curiosity at bay. The rooms you will see on these virtual tours are the ones you would see during any of the public tours of this building.

2. Gettysburg

The war in Gettysburg was horrendous and the area is still much like it was all those years ago. You can listen to the same instructions you would receive if you were driving the battlefield route, plus you can see different panoramas during this virtual tour. Nothing compares to seeing this destination in person, but this is an excellent back-up plan.

3. Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell can be found within Independence Hall in Philadelphia and it is one of the many historical attractions in the city. While a virtual tour of this bell will show you everything you need to know about its historical significance, it won’t get you close to a true Philly cheesesteak. Therefore, make sure you add this destination to your travel list soon!

4. Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is currently open, but that doesn’t mean you can travel there to see it in person. If you want to see this massive carved mountain and really appreciate the intricate details that were included, you must take this virtual tour.

5. Plymouth Rock

What may have seemed like an insignificant rock a few hundred years ago has turned into a historical site thanks to the pilgrims discovering Plymouth Colony back in 1620. You will see where the rock sits today, which is in the same location it was all those years ago. This was not always the case, because the rock was moved a couple times before, but it has always found its way home.

You don’t need to venture out your front door to see these historic sites in the US, thanks to these virtual tours. Watch at least one of them today and see where it takes you, because it may get your brain churning to create a travel bucket list, learn more about the specific area you just watched, or find a way to at least take a break from the show you have been binge-watching from the beginning.



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