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From experienced globetrotters to novice wanderlusters, intrepid travelers dream of exploring Earth’s most massive and magnificent islands. We bring you the 10 biggest islands in the world and the 10 largest island in the world. Spanning the globe from frigid Arctic regions to steamy equatorial jungles, these giant landmasses overflow with marvelous natural wonders, exotic indigenous cultures, and thrilling outdoor adventures. This definitive guide spotlights the ten largest islands worldwide, unveiling everything you need to know to plan an unforgettable expedition from travel tips to top attractions. Whether you’re looking to book a luxurious tropical island getaway, embark on a wildlife-viewing safari, or trek windswept tundra amid glacial landscapes, you’ll discover islands of all shapes and sizes to suit every travel style and budget. These are some seriously big islands in the world So pack your bags and let’s set sail to experience these titans of the travel world up close! We hope you enjoy our largest island in the world list. Without further ado, welcome to the top 10 largest islands in the world and answer the question of what are the largest islands in the world once and for all!

1: Greenland

What is the largest island in the world? Well, the world’s largest island, Greenland offers an unspoiled arctic wilderness covering over 836,000 square miles. About 80% of the island is covered by the Greenland ice sheet, the second largest body of ice in the world after Antarctica. Venture into Greenland’s vast interior to discover epic glaciers, including the Jakobshavn Glacier where massive icebergs calve into the sea. The long fjords of eastern Greenland provide shelter for Inuit fishing villages and opportunities for whale watching and kayaking past icebergs. Greenland is also famous for the Northern Lights lighting up the night skies above its small towns. With most of its landmass uninhabited, Greenland provides a pristine destination for experiencing the power and beauty of the natural Arctic region. Now you know what is the largest island!

2: New Guinea

Coming in as the world’s second largest island is New Guinea located north of Australia. Covering over 315,000 square miles, the island is divided between the nation of Papua New Guinea covering the eastern half and Indonesian provinces in the west. New Guinea is known for its incredibly diverse indigenous cultures with over 700 languages spoken on the island. The highlands wilderness features iconic Birds of Paradise and thousands of plant and animal species, especially orchids and butterflies. Offshore, New Guinea’s waters nurture vibrant coral reefs and provide world-class scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. Experience the raw natural beauty and proud cultural traditions of one of the most fascinating islands on Earth.

3: Borneo

The third largest island in the world, Borneo spans 287,000 square miles across the Malay Archipelago. Politically, Borneo is divided between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. Borneo epitomizes exotic tropical wilderness, with one of the world’s oldest rainforests blanketing the interior. Trekking through the jungle offers the chance to see orangutans, pygmy elephants, sun bears and other rare wildlife. Climb to the summit of Mount Kinabalu, Borneo’s tallest peak at 13,435 feet. Borneo also features over 350 miles of coastline, magnificent beaches and some of the world’s best scuba diving. Whether you go for the jungle trekking, wildlife, beaches or culture, Borneo is one of the ultimate island adventures.

4: Madagascar

The fourth largest island on Earth, Madagascar lies off the southeast coast of Africa. Wildlife enthusiasts flock to Madagascar to experience the abundance of unique native animal species like ring-tailed lemurs, chameleons, rare cat species and hundreds of others. The tropical environment also supports over 13,000 plant varieties including many types of palm trees, baobabs, and orchids. Outdoor lovers will enjoy jungle trekking, whale watching, and exploring the spectacular erosion canyons in Isalo National Park. The diverse human history and mix of Southeast African, Arab, Indian and Malay heritage also make Madagascar’s cultural traditions unique in the world.

5: Baffin Island

At 195,900 square miles, Canada’s Baffin Island is the fifth largest in the world. Baffin lies in the sparsely populated eastern region of the Canadian territory of Nunavut. This Arctic island offers amazing opportunities for wilderness exploration with mountains, fjords, glaciers and the vast Baffin ice caps covering much of the interior. For hikers and adventurers, Auyuittuq National Park features towering cliffs, hanging valleys and glaciers that terminate at sea level. The island is also inhabited by polar bear, caribou, Arctic fox and a variety of Arctic birds. Visitors willing to brave the cold will discover towering icebergs, colorful northern lights displays, and Inuit villages rich in culture. This concludes our top 5 largest islands in the world!

6: Sumatra

Located west of Indonesia, Sumatra is the sixth largest island at over 171,000 square miles. Most of the island is rugged and mountainous covered in tropical rainforest. The unique wildlife of Sumatra includes the endangered Sumatran elephant, tiger, rhinoceros and orangutan. Outdoor lovers can explore jungle waterfalls, cave systems, volcanic mountains like Mount Kerinci, and idyllic offshore islands like the Mentawai Islands known for surfing perfection. In the highlands, scenic Lake Toba provides opportunities for swimming, boating and cultural immersion among the Christian Batak people. From jungle trekking to beach resorts to exotic wildlife, Sumatra offers boundless adventures.

7: Honshu

As the largest of Japan's four main islands, Honshu comes in as the world’s 7th largest island covering 89,000 square miles. Honshu encompasses Japan’s largest cities including Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Travelers can experience the dizzying neon cityscapes of Tokyo before heading into the Japanese Alps for hot spring soaking and trekking to see iconic Mount Fuji. The cultural heart of Japan can be found in historic Kyoto with its tranquil temples and Zen gardens. Honshu’s coastline provides great fishing, surfing and beachcombing opportunities as well. For an amazing mix of modern cities, natural wonders and deep cultural immersion, Honshu is hard to beat.

8: Great Britain

The island of Great Britain, measuring over 80,000 square miles, contains the countries of England, Scotland and Wales. Travelers flock to Great Britain to experience iconic London landmarks like Big Ben, the British Museum and Buckingham Palace. Head north to the rugged Scottish Highlands for hiking, whisky tasting and touring famous castles and lochs. Over in Wales, explore medieval castles and trace Britain's Celtic roots. Great Britain combines all the charms of English countryside villages, historic cathedrals, cultural cities and remnants of ancient civilizations into one unforgettable island adventure.

9: Victoria Island

Spanning over 83,000 square miles, Victoria Island is located in the Canadian Arctic west of Nunavut. Despite its harsh climate and small population, Victoria Island offers unmatched wilderness experiences. Wildlife lovers can view migrating caribou herds, muskox, wolves, and birds at the Kagloryuak Migratory Bird Sanctuary. The island has been inhabited by the Inuit people for centuries, with opportunities to learn about indigenous culture and traditions. With permits, adventurous travelers can also embark on unguided trekking through Victoria's remote tundra wilderness.

10: Ellesmere Island

The 10th largest island in the world, Ellesmere Island covers over 75,000 square miles within the northern Canadian territory of Nunavut. Its mountainous landscapes and massive ice fields provide breathtaking Arctic scenery. The island has very few permanent residents, but is an important seasonal hunting ground for local Inuit. Wildlife like muskox, caribou, Arctic wolves and wolverines inhabit its rugged tundra and coastal regions. Brave the cold to see iconic glaciers, experience 24-hour summertime sunlight, and spot rare wildlife in one of the most remote wilderness areas on Earth. This is the 10th largest island in the world.

Which of these amazing giant islands tops your must-visit travel list? From the sprawling island continent of Greenland to tropical Borneo teeming with wildlife, you'll discover diversity and adventure of epic proportions exploring the world's largest islands.


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