Check Out These Virtual Tours of the Most Amazing Landmarks Around the World

Not being able to travel is one of the worst things that can happen to some people. However, being stuck at home, or simply in one part of the world, for long periods of time doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the incredible sights this world has to offer! Instead of only dreaming of when you can travel again, I recommend that you take a virtual tour of some of the best landmarks around the world.

Check Out These Virtual Tours of Some Amazing Landmarks Around the World

As you probably know, the Taj Mahal is over in India and this gorgeous sight was constructed during the 17th century for the Emperor’s late wife. While the Taj Mahal is best seen in person, you will still find yourself breathless with all the intricate details you are seeing online.

The Taj Mahal in India.

The only way to see Ellis Island in person is to take a ferry out during a tour of the island and the Statue of Liberty. This island is where immigrants arrived from 1892 and 1954 to start a new life in the United States. This virtual tour will allow you to see where these immigrants spent their time shortly after they arrived and all the history that was made since then.

Ellis Island & Downtown Manhattan, New York.

There are many castles and palaces around the world, but this is one of the best in the country of France. The elegant building is matched with picture perfect grounds and you can see it all during this tour. Pay close attention to the highlights of this tour, which includes the Coronation Chamber, Royal Chapel, and the Hall of Mirrors.

Ellis Island & Downtown Manhattan, New York.

The Great Wall of China has been in place for more than two thousand years now and continues along three thousand miles of land. While you can see it while visiting many different areas of China, this virtual tour will have you seeing it during a hike from Jinshanling to Simatai.

The Great Wall of China

The Acropolis has been part of Greek history for so many years now and while it has been restored wonderfully, it is still showing its age. If you have never seen this magnificent attraction in person, you must take a virtual tour to see why you must add it to your list when you start to travel once again.

The Acropolis of Athens, Greece, with the Parthenon Temple on top of the hill during a summer sunset. Greece is currently open to American tourists.

These are only some of the landmarks around the world that you can take a virtual tour of. A little research will have you finding more, so make sure you share your favorites with me in the comments!

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