Love Animals? Check Out These Virtual Tours of Zoos and Aquariums to See Animals Up Close

Love Animals? Check Out These Virtual Tours of Zoos and Aquariums to See Animals Up Close

Seeing the animals playing and running around at a zoo, or swimming around at an aquarium, is a lot of fun. This is why these types of attractions are popular for vacations, as well as ordinary days if you live close enough to one. Are you currently missing out on all your furry, and slimy, friends?
Well, you do not need to go without your favorite animal fix, because many of the zoos and aquariums are offering virtual tours, or at least animal cams, to allow you to watch these animals from your home.

Check Out These Virtual Tours of Zoos and Aquariums to See Animals Up Close

The Smithsonian Zoo in Washington DC has five different animal cams for you to watch any time you wish. The animals you can see include lions, pandas, elephants, naked mole-rats, and the newest additions of cheetah cubs.

Amur tiger at Smithsonian Zoo in Washington DC.

The zoo in Atlanta also has a giant panda camera that you can watch while you are stuck at home, so you can always tune in there to see if those pandas are doing anything different than the ones in DC.

Entrance to Zoo Atlanta. The zoo houses more than 1,500 animals and welcomed roughly 866,000 visitors a year.

The Georgia Aquarium has many different live cameras for you to watch, so you will feel as if you are right inside without leaving your home. In addition to seeing beluga whales, you can see jellyfish, sea otters, piranhas, and alligators. Enjoy this aquarium virtual tour!

The Georgia Aquarium facade at night in Atlanta, Georgia. The boat shaped landmark is the world’s largest aquarium with more than 8 million gallons of water.

Out of all the zoos streaming live camera feeds, San Diego Zoo has the most. You could honestly sit in one spot all day long, as you switch between apes, baboons, condors, elephants, giraffes, koalas, owls, pandas, penguins, polar bears, and tigers.

Tourists and locals just in front the main entrance of San Diego Zoo in California, USA.

It is easy to go floor by floor throughout this amazing aquarium in Baltimore. There’s even easy to follow instructions you can use to make the most out of this virtual tour. If you are interested in one part of the aquarium over the rest, feel free to check out the scene section to choose your favorite.

Long exposure of the Waterfront Promenade and the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland.

There are many different live cams to watch during a virtual tour of this aquarium, so you can watch everything from birds and jellyfish to sea otters and penguins. However, I feel like your favorite camera view will be the ones that share the sharks swimming around.

Monterey bay aquarium building.

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