Disney Fans?? Check Out These Virtual Tours of Florida Theme Parks to Get Your Thrills at Home

You may not be able to spend hours riding the rides at your favorite Florida theme parks right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some thrills right from the comfort of your couch. Imagine taking virtual tours of your favorite theme parks and even experiencing a couple of the popular rides via video.

Virtual Tours of Florida Theme Parks to Get Your Thrills at Home


1. Walt Disney World

There are so many virtual tours of Walt Disney World, so be prepared to spend at least a day viewing them all. Just pretend you are at the physical parks and settle in for the ride! You can start at Magic Kingdom, work your way over to Hollywood Studios and end your time at Epcot. If you want to experience some of the rides, you can easily do a search on YouTube. A couple to get you started include Frozen Ever After and Pirates of the Caribbean.


LEGOLAND is gaining in popularity, so do not fret if you haven’t checked out this theme park as of yet. Check things out during a virtual tour, so you can be prepared when you go there in person. We recommend paying close attention to the Great LEGO Race, because it is a virtual reality option that you will want to enjoy once you can visit this park.

3. SeaWorld

A virtual tour of SeaWorld will have you wandering through the park from your living room, while also seeing everything Discovery Cove has to offer. Add in a thrilling virtual ride on the roller coaster, Mako, and you will forget you are not physically in this park by the end.

4. Universal Studios

Wandering around the two Universal Studios parks virtually, as well as the City Walk, will allow you to see every inch of the park. This is completely different from when you are there in person, because an in-person visit always has you missing some of the small, yet important, details.

5. Downtown Disney

Have you ever been to the Downtown Disney area? If you have been too busy wandering through the theme parks to give this area another thought, then you must check it out now. After all, you have the time, so you might as well take advantage of it!

These virtual tours of the theme parks down in Florida will allow you to experience thrills and adventures right from your home. Instead of spending your time wishing you can visit, use it wisely and see these parks up close now! Then imagine all the fun you will have when you finally visit later this year!



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